Supergreens for Superhumans - Part 1

The word “Superfood” is definitely becoming more and more common place but by far some of the most important are the Supergreens. The best of these belong to the algae and cereal grass community because of their very high nutrient levels. They are renowned for having a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals, as well as digestive enzymes and trace elements but some of the biggest benefits come from their high concentration of chlorophyll and protein. Some of the benefits of chlorophyll include:
  • antioxidant powerhouse *
  • assisting healthy blood flow *
  • cleansing properties *
  • promoting healing *
  • helps control cravings and addiction *
  • aids in reducing hunger *
  • helps manage body odor *
SPIRULINA Spirulina which is the latin word for “spiral”, was named after its spiral-like appearance. It is an algae plant that belongs to the cyanobacteria family. Its discovery as a food source can be traced back to the 9th century. History suggests that 16th century Aztecs in Mexico made use of spirulina. Rediscovered in the 1950s, some of the local markets sold them as dried flat cakes to be used for various kinds of meals. For more on the history, click here. This super microalgae plant has an unbelievably large concentration of protein in it. Of all the plant-based sources of protein, spirulina ranks highly as it is also a complete protein with the complete amino acid profile. Spirulina is easily digested, which means the delivery service of nutrients to the body is fast and felt almost immediately. It is thought that this also aids in fat burning during workouts. Some other possible benefits include the following:
  • It is a huge source of bio-available iron, which is good for moms, and those with iron deficiency (anaemic).*
  • Alleviates constipation *
  • High in calcium *
  • Has the ability to remove heavy metals from the cells of the body by binding with them. *
  • Has plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals *
  • Boosts immune function *
  • Protects from allergies *
  • Is also said to help/assist in fighting chronic illnesses*
Spirulina comes in tablet form or powdered form (ideal for juices or smoothies). It can even be used as a healthy boost to some dessert recipes like raw choco brownies or energy truffle balls. Click Here for a Simple Spirulina Smoothie Recipe   CHLORELLA Chlorella is derived from the greek word “chloros” which means “green”, and the latin word “ella” which means “small”. It was discovered by Dutch scientist Beijerinck around the time of the invention of the first microscope, about 120 years ago. Chlorella is often confused with Spirulina. But the main difference between the two is that Chlorella has a distinct hard cell wall and Spirulina doesn’t. Spirulina was also discovered much earlier. Chlorella is a fresh water algae. It is rich in chlorophyll and especially good for detoxing. Like Spirulina, it assists with purifying and removing heavy metals and other toxins from the cells .* Its detox superpowers may also assist with reducing some of the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy associated treatment, and assist in the recovery process. * Other benefits include:
  • Supports immune system *
  • Can bring youthful glow *
  • Keeps blood sugar and cholesterol in check *
  • Aids in weight loss *
Like spirulina, it also comes in a powdered form (for drinks or recipes) or as a magic pill/tablet. For a true superfood nutritional boost it is often taken combined with spirulina. Click Here for a Healthy Chlorella Smoothie Recipe   BARLEY GRASS This super grass is the leaf of the barley plant, which is the first cereal grain crop to be grown and nurtured by humans. It is a rich source of many vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants, enzymes, and amino acid essentials. It is best consumed during its growing stages when its nutrient content is much higher. It is often referred to as an anti aging, anti cancer food good for detoxification with amazing healing properties *.   But what sets it apart from the other Supergreens are the following benefits:
  • Thought to aid in fighting against certain addictions, such as alcohol, nicotine, and drugs. *
  • May help in preventing the development of ulcerative colitis *
  • Stimulates red blood circulation *
  • Extremely alkalising and so may assist in balancing the acidity level (acid alkali) of the body, which if untreated may contribute to the development of sleep problems, constipation and fatigue, among others problems. *
For more details on its benefits, Click Here.   Barley Grass Smoothie Recipe   WHEAT GRASS The use of wheat grass originated in Ancient Egypt and is believed to have also been used by early Mesopotamians over 5000 years ago. Egyptians considered this plant sacred, because of its many health benefits. Eventually, its discovery spread to the Western world in the 1930s. To read more on the history of wheat grass Click Here. Wheat grass reigns supreme in nutritional abundance, compared to all the other cereal grasses. Two of its unique and superior benefits are:
  • It ability to boost energy.*
  • It’s impressive enzyme content, especially when fresh.
    • These enzymes help promote normal intestinal and bowel function *
    • They also have anti-inflammatory activity (and therefore may be good for those with arthritis and other inflammatory related problems) *
Some commonalities with other Supergreens is it’s alkalising ability to help balance pH levels, its antioxidant properties, better skin, and ability to combat chronic diseases. * You can read more on this here, and here. Wheatgrass Smoothie Recipe   These are just a few of the members of the Supergreens family. If you want to get to know more of them, check out Part 2 of this post.
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