The Perfect Morning Routine... According To The Experts

Morning Routine

Most of us have a mindset that if you start early, you finish early-- hence we tend to just grab a cup of coffee and rush out the door upon waking up.

Yet how often do we end up feeling more tired and unproductive throughout the day as a result, regardless of the fact that we hustled and raced against time?

In this post, we have aggregated some of the best tips you can follow from nutrition and fitness experts that we respect on the web, and I’ve included my personal morning routine below, to give you an idea on how to start managing your day the right way. 


“Hydrate as soon as you wake up.”

“Your body becomes incredibly dehydrated while you’re sleeping. When you’re dehydrated your metabolism slows down and your brain has less fuel to operate.

To jumpstart your metabolism, the absolute first thing you should do every morning is to drink one liter of room temperature lemon water. Don’t go right to coffee, don’t eat and don’t dive into yesterday's leftovers. Just head right to the water.”

Excerpt from: A Simple Morning Routine To Feel Happy & Productive Every Day by Paul Milano via

Read full article here.

Morning Movement

“Move your Body”

“You don’t necessarily have to do an intense workout before breakfast, but moving your body even a little is a great way to get the blood flowing and shake the body into wake-up mode. Simply doing a few stretches is a great option. Or turn on your favorite song and dance like no one is watching.”


“Think of One Thing for Which You Have Gratitude”

“This sets the stage for positivity throughout the day. If you come up with three or five things, even better.”

Excerpts from: 7 Things Healthy People Do Every Morning by Krista Butler (Mind Body Green) via

Read her full article here.

Healthy Breakfast

“Enjoy a breakfast packed with super foods.”

“Your body needs nourishment, and one of the best ways you can take care of it is with a healthy breakfast. I love my oats because they’re so versatile, and such an easy way to add super food toppings.”

Excerpts from: 5 Ways to Add Self Care to Your Morning Routine by Jessica Sepel via

Read Full article here.

These tips are just some of the small activities you can start doing in the morning as they are easy to follow and don’t take a lot of effort. Just try one or two of these when you wake up and you will feel the tremendous difference in your health and productivity for the rest of the day.

My morning routine

  • I get up early (usually around 5.30am).
  • I start with a breathing meditation practice and finish it with 5 minutes of just sitting and reflecting on what I’m grateful for. 

NB: This practice is the one I’ve found most beneficial because it puts you in a positive state of mind for the day ahead. For many, most of our day is spent thinking about what we want, what we lack or what we are worried about. Developing a gratitude practice starts the process of changing this default pattern we are accustomed to.

  • Then I follow through with my yoga practice for approximately 60min. Moving in this way wakes my entire body and gives me energy and clarity for the day.
  • For my breakfast routine, the first thing I put into my body is warm water with lemon, followed by either a Superfood Smoothie/Green Juice as they are extremely nutrient dense and don’t take a lot of time to prepare, especially on busy days and they are also easy on the digestive system.
  • Sometimes, usually on weekends, I’ll have a low carb breakfast with the family because we value family time and believe it’s just as important as what we eat.

What about you? What’s your morning routine?

We’d love to hear your stories.

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