6 Reasons To Stay Hydrated

6 Reasons Why You Should Stay Hydrated

The summer months are always exciting for people of all ages, and are typically enjoyed by going on beach trips and other outdoor activities. The warmer weather and physical exertion, however, comes hand in hand with the risk of dehydration. While it might sound like a simple problem that's easily rectified with a chug or two of cold water, dehydration comes with serious health repercussions that can be difficult to recover from!

Here are 6 reasons why you should always keep hydrated:

1. Our body is over 70% water

My body's over 70% water? Twinsies!

Considering most of our physical composition is made of fluids, it's crucial that we maintain proper hydration. Water makes up about 75% body weight in infants and up to 55% in the elderly, and promotes balance within our cells in order to keep us healthy. When we practise proper hydration, we contribute to wellness on a cellular level!

2. Moisture is a vital part of any beauty regimen

#NoMakeup #NoFilter

Proper hydration ensures that our hair, skin, and nails remain healthy and vibrant. When our bodies lack moisture,
our skin begins to dry out, our hair goes brittle, and our cuticles start to peel. Some people typically slather on a bit of skin cream and add a dollop of conditioner to their hair care regimen, but these are merely external “band-aids” — to make a difference that lasts, we need to keep our bodies hydrated from within.

3. Proper hydration keeps our organs in working order

"It's not working." "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"


Without enough fluids and electrolytes, our internal organs begin to suffer from less blood flow as the body attempts to maintain the most basic of functions; as our organs struggle to maintain bodily activity, our heart rate increases and blood vessels constrict in an attempt to keep our blood pressure steady. The more dehydrated we are, the more the body shuts down. By keeping our fluid and electrolyte levels topped up, we can prevent serious damage to our internal organs and avoid a potential coma… or an inadvertent death.


4. Dehydration can lead to chronic constipation

"Gonna be here a while..."

When we don't properly hydrate on a regular basis,
our intestines soak up more moisture from the waste that it forms, which then leads to hard, cracked, and dry stools. Paired with sluggish muscle contractions (due to a sedentary lifestyle, among other things), these may take longer to reach the rectum — this can result in the colon absorbing even more moisture from the slow-moving stools, with the stools turning out to be extremely difficult to pass. Toilet marathons = definitely not fun!

5. Drinking fluids can help curb our appetite

"I'm not hungry... No, really." 

Sometimes our body gives off hunger signals that actually turn out to be an alarm bell for fluid replenishment. Instead of snacking on the nearest treat you can get your hands on, try grabbing water or a green juice first — you may just discover that all you needed was a bit of extra moisture!



6. Hydration plays a critical role in our body's thermoregulation

"Are you sure I'm not swimming in the Great Barrier Reef?"

Losing the body's water through sweating is a vital cooling mechanism that many of us are familiar with, especially during the summer or after a strenuous workout. However, not replenishing lost fluids immediately can result in a state where the body has less than the normal amount of water that's necessary to meet our body's metabolic demands — not only does our core body temperature increase (due to a lack of fluids to sweat out), our cortisol levels also become more elevated, our electrolytes become imbalanced, and the volume of our blood decreases in order to cope with the fluid loss. This is why it's important to refuel with vital fluids and electrolytes after intense sweating or physical activity!



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