About us

Sean & KarenDedicated Yogi, Chiropractor and Father, Dr Sean Kirke developed Yoga Food out of an unfulfilled desire to find one product that had all the ingredients he was searching for in an organic superfood product. As a vegetarian with many vegan and vegetarian friends all doing strong yoga practices, living demanding lifestyles and often feeling nutritionally depleted, he wanted a product that boosted overall nutritional intake without compromising on core values or beliefs.

The idea for Yoga Food came about while living in India studying yoga. Sean and his wife Karen were practicing hard and noticed that a lot of healthy, well meaning yogis, themselves included, were feeling the effects of inadequate nutrition and poor diet. As an advocate of wholefood nutrition, Sean realised they needed to supplement their diet, but wanted to do so using only organic, plant based, superfoods. After relocating back to Australia on the Mornington Peninsula, Sean started to create his own smoothie and juice blends in the morning using a mix of amazing ingredients.


Although he found this effective nutritionally, he also found it costly and time consuming with up to ten different packs of superfoods and supplements out at any one time to make a smoothie. So the search began for a single product that not only provided them with all the nutrition they wanted in sufficient quantities, but that also adhered to the ethical and eco-conscious guidelines that they like to live by. Unable to find what he was looking for, the idea to create his own certified organic product was born with the successful launch of Yoga Food.