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“Definitely love Yoga Food! I think it’s fantastic to have so many nutritious ingredients in just one supplement. I also like that it provides a protein solution for people looking after their bodies with exercise and organic nutrition.  It helps improve my digestion and increase my muscle recovery after exercise. I have it in my green smoothies and can barely taste it, which is great! It also mixed well and wasn’t lumpy. I think it’s a great solution A great alternative after a gym workout- rather than a chemical laden, artificial and unhealthy basic whey protein.  I‘ve been recommending Yoga Food to my friends and family, and would definitely use it again.”




Emily Drew; Celebrity Fitness Trainer, QLD


“I really like it! I love the quality and integrity of Yoga Food’s ingredients. I love that it’s an easy source of plant protein, especially for vegans who need more of it in their diet. It’s also a really great mix of ingredients that we would normally use separately, so it's absolutely convenient. Plus, it’s perfect on a day to day basis to just add to my ready made fresh juices. I like the vanilla-type taste it has when I mix it with coconut water, and its fairly neutral taste in a smoothie which goes well with any kind of flavor. I definitely feel more satiated and I have more energy when I add it to my juice. It also really helps with my digestion, especially since I’ve been recommended by my naturopath to include more protein in my diet. Love the branding, natural packaging, the story and the fact that Sean is a yogi and a health professional. I actually recommend it to my partner and students at the Yoga Studio and I even throw it into my partner’s smoothies. It’s great!” 

Rhyanna Van Leeuwarden; Yoga Teacher, WA



“Great product! Yoga Food’s got LOTSSSS of good stuff in it and it’s gluten free which is perfect! I mixed mine into smoothies, and the taste was good in that it was not overpowering. It’s also very easy to use. Thumbs up!”

Danique Rambo; Yoga Instructor / Fitness Trainer, QLD




“I absolutely love Yoga Food! As a newbie in the vegan diet, I loved the ingredients the most. It is packed full of nutrients including those I never thought of consuming regularly, like the prebiotics, probiotics, and omegas! I usually feel nutritionally depleted after long hours practicing yoga, exercising, studying, or working. But after taking Yoga Food, I felt like I had more sustained, longer lasting energy and satiety throughout the day. It also tastes great and blends real well – no lumps or blobs in the mix. It even added a creamier consistency to my smoothie! Overall I’d definitely use it again and recommend it to friends and family who are struggling with energy, or people like me who are health conscious. When it comes to getting enough of all the good stuff, I know Yoga Food has me covered!”

Georgie M of Fit with Georgie; Fitness Trainer, VIC


“What I love about Yoga Food is that it’s a complete superfood blend, and the fact that it’s organic, and that I don’t need to add another product along with it. I love the ingredients, as there’s so much nutritional value packed into one drink! The flavor is not overpowering when adding it into smoothies, which is great! It’s extremely convenient too, as it is easily drinkable with just water. It also gives me more prolonged energy! Amazing product!”



 Amy Le; Recipe Developer, SA


                                                                                                                                                                         “I think Yoga Food is great, I love the natural taste! I tried it with half coconut water and half water, and it didn’t need any added sweeteners, like a fruit juice. I experienced no bloating whatsoever afterwards, plus it’s super easy to use. I also think that the branding is really in line with the quality of the product, as well as the story and vision – which are organic, wholesome, and natural. Good job!”  

Amber Walker; Holistic Nutritionist / Personal Trainer, QLD



                                                                                                                                                        “Fantastic! Yoga Food’s got a great list of ingredients, definitely packed with all the good stuff! I instantly felt clarity after using it which is amazing! It’s very convenient and tastes great too. It goes well with an apple or banana chucked in with it. I also love the branding and the vision of Yoga Food. I’ve been using it ever since I first tried it and I highly recommend it!" 

Kellie Mencel; Fitness Trainer, SA



“Yoga Food is awesome! I love the ingredients and the subtleness of the flavor. It actually tastes really good in a smoothie, plus it’s really easy to use. The recommended amount for first time users worked well, and improved some of my discomforts.” 




Rosie Johnson; Fitness Trainer, QLD


“I started using Yoga food at home in our smoothies in our non-Forage days and after training and we love it! So much so that we decided to sell it in my practice and my practice members love it! When products outside of Chiropractic come along, that support the message of a chiropractic lifestyle, it’s imperative to support them, especially when the product is amazing!”

Damian Kristof, The Wellness Couch Podcast, Vida Lifestyles and Founder Forage Cereal


"If you're a busy mum like me who also values health, then you definitely need to make Yoga Food a part of your morning routine. It gives you the nutrition and energy you need to start the busy days with less stress and more time up your sleeve. I love that it has everything I normally buy separately for my morning smoothie in one delicious product. Brilliant!"

Dr. Karen Jaffe; "Mums the word" iTunes top ten podcast, mother and Chiropractor


“YogaFood is in a league of its own.  There is no other smoothie powder that tastes as good, has a smoother texture, or, most importantly, has such a diverse, high quality, concentrated amount of nutrients packed into it.  It is a quick, easy way to have a delicious meal without getting out lots of different ingredients and spending ages preparing it.  Sean was meticulous with his research when formulating YogaFood and I highly recommend it to anyone of any age who is interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Vicki Barker, Nutritionist and owner of SweetGreens Cooking School.


“Yoga food is delicious! I mix it in my breakfast smoothies every morning. I love that it has so many nutrients already measured out, ready to go. It is easy to use, tastes yummy, and completely free of artificial additives, the perfect start to my day!”

Jacinta Childs, Mt Martha VIC


Ive bought green powders before but this one actually tastes good-even my kids will drink it! It doesnt have that grainy, flat taste most powders do. Its also made with beautiful ingredients that scream integrity. Id recommend this product not just to yogis, but really for anyone who wants to invest in their health-and their taste buds! Keep it up.

Lisa Hannaford. Adelaide, SA


“Did a 64k run from Bogong to Hotham a few weeks ago and Yoga Food was part of my pre and post-run training. Awesome stuff.”

Roger Box, Ultramarathon Runner. Sth Yarra VIC


“Having a busy work schedule, I often find it challenging preparing and eating good nutritious foods throughout the day.  I am passionate about my health and fitness and Yoga Food provides me with a great tasting snack that’s super convenient and easy to prepare.  I keep one bag at the office and one bag at home so there is never an excuse to go hungry, or raid the cookie jar cause I don’t have time to prepare anything.  Yoga food is packed full of nutrients, but easily digestible, so it’s the perfect snack both before or after a workout or yoga practice. I love Yoga Food mixed with water and a splash of vegi & fruit juice.”

Simon Dundas-Smith. Mount Martha VIC


“Our family thoroughly enjoys the benefits, ease and tastiness of Yoga Food. We add Yoga Food to our green smoothies and it helps fuel us all though the day. My boys (ages 3 and 5) love it and I love their healthy green moustaches! I feel great giving it to my family as it ticks all the boxes- providing protein, prebiotics, probiotics and amazing nutrition. It is a product I recommend without hesitation and buy as a gift for family and friends.”

Rebecca Hengemuhle, VIC



“Love this product – has everything you need and tastes fantastic – taken my smoothies to a whole new level! Get on to it!”

Lisa Horne, St Kilda VIC


“Thanks so much for bringing to us such an awesome product “Yoga Food “ we are all extremely passionate about your product at Flannerys Paradise Point. We love the product so much that we have made a Yoga Food Power Smoothie that we have added to our café menu. We just love Yoga Food !!”

Sue Day. Owner Flannerys Natural & Organic Supermarket Paradise Point QLD


“Yoga Food ticks a lot of boxes for us as a specialty organic retailer. Locally produced and certified organic, with loads of thought put into the ingredients. We love the fact that it has prebiotics, probiotics, superfoods and plant based proteins rolled into one! It’s very tasty to drink and versatile as it can simply be stirred into water if you are in a hurry, or added to your favourite smoothie/ superfood snack. This versatility and the robust nutritional profile makes it appealing to a wide range of our customers. Thanks for putting together such a great product!”

Caitlin & Jarek. Owners, New Harvest Organic Green Grocer Seaford, VIC


“I was introduced to Yoga Food in January. I have been using it in a smoothie on a regular basis either for lunch or dinner and my energy level has increased greatly. I would highly recommend this product.”

Chris Matthews, Narooma NSW