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"More for Less is Better For You & The Planet"

Surely three is better than one, even if it's simply to save time and money by buying in bulk and we'll do anything to reduce the carbon footprint we leave. Even if it means offering you more for less so fewer deliveries are needed. And with FREE SHIPPING, you're saving $40.00 on your order... That's gotta feel AWESOME, right?

Yoga Food

There's a deep satisfaction inside when you start the day with the right nutrition. Clarity and contentment comes with knowing that you've done the right thing... for both your body and mind.

At Yoga Food we believe consuming nature's super-foods is one of the best known ways to get a great start to the day. One filled with energy and purpose. But when getting everything you need requires buying a bunch of different nutritional products that you need to somehow make taste good in a drink or smoothie... simple gets complicated.

...and if you're rushed with the kids or trying to get to work on time, the last thing you need is complicated.

With Yoga Food you get an all-in-one blend that has everything in it, ready to go. It was designed for healthy, busy people like you and everyone else who loves Certified Organic Deliciousness.

  • If you're in a rush, just mix Yoga Food into the liquid of your choice and be out the door in under 30 sec
  • If you're blending up some whole food goodness, it's the ONE thing you need to add to your amazing smoothies to make you unstoppable...
  • or if you need something packed with energy and nutrition after Yoga or exercise then your answer is Yoga Food!

Convenience is only part of the story though. I still remember when we told the formulation company in Sydney what we wanted to put into Yoga Food... they thought we were NUTS,

"You want to put proteins, greens, antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes, omegas and trace minerals, in significant amounts, into one product and also have it taste good?"

My answer, "Yep!"

Because that was literally everything I would have out on the kitchen bench every morning when I made my smoothie or juice... so inconvenient and I was sick of it.

It took some trial and error, but we eventually figured it out. The persistence and perseverance (or some might say Stubbornness) eventually paid off and your premium all in one "Yoga Food" was born.


Yoga Food Organic has over 40 carefully selected ingredients separated into nine specific categories giving you one delicious product that mixes easily into your favourite juice or smoothie.

  • Plant Proteins (18g/serve) -
  • Supergreens Blend - natures natural super multi
  • Antioxidant Superfood Blend - to combat free radicals and assist immune function
  • Omegas - The good fats
  • Prebiotics - to feed the good bacteria in your gut
  • Probiotics - our fermented blend has clustered colonies of the good bacteria to assist normal digestive and immune function.
  • Trace Minerals - because our soils are deficient in so many important minerals, our natural sea mineral complex from algae powder provides you with over 50 trace minerals.
  • Digestive Enzymes - to help absorb and assimilate the nutrients and may help reduce bloating.
  • Flavours - natural vanilla and stevia herb
  • Vegan Friendly - You can use Yoga Food if you're not a vegan, but it's also good to know we've got you covered if you are.
  • Australian Certified Organic (ACO), All natural ingredients mean you can rest assured there are no pesticides, chemical nasties or additives so your looking after your body and the planet.
  • Free From Wheat, Dairy, Nut, Soy, Corn and Egg - leaving the wrong things out is just as important as putting the right things in. Yoga Food is free of the most common triggers of diet related allergies and problematic ingredients for sensitive people.
  • No Gluten containing ingredients*
  • No preservatives, Nothing artificial and No nasty numbers - just good clean plant based nutrition.



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All Natural, Good For You & Good For The Planet

Yoga Food is a leader in the natural superfood industry and we have a number of great reasons to buy from us. Our company is growing quickly because we believe in putting the customer first. A customer focussed shopping experience was our goal from day one, which is part of the reason we started with an ALL IN ONE product for everyone. We wanted to eliminate the confusion and expense commonly experienced around needing to buy multiple different nutritional products. We pride ourselves on our company's policies and our philosophy on business and life. Shop with us and see the difference by joining THE YOGA FOOD MOVEMENT Today.

  • We use a national fulfillment center to ship your order. We have partnered with a national fulfillment center for all order fulfillment and have our products strategically shipped across Australia. That means you will be receiving your wonderful all natural Yoga Food products by one of the best online retailers in existence from somewhere near you.
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  • Everyone that uses our products, come back for more. We must be doing something right!

All of Yoga Food's products are made from all natural organic ingredients. We are proud to say that anyone can read our ingredients list without need for a chemical degree or the use of a dictionary. All of our ingredients are from plant foods in nature. Nothing synthetic, chemical or artificial are ever added or included.

Proteins Organic sprouted fermented pea protein, Organic sprouted brown rice protein, Greens Organic spirulina algae powder, Organic alfalfa grass sprout juice powder, Organic nettle leaf powder, Organic chlorella algae powder, Organic spinach leaf powder, Organic kale leaf powder, Organic wheatgrass sprout juice powder, Organic barley grass sprout juice powder, Organic broccoli sprout powder Antioxidants Organic cinnamon bark powder, Organic beet root juice powder, Organic carrot juice powder, Organic mushroom fungi powder, Triphala blend (phyllathus emblica terminala chebula, terminala emblica) herbal extract powder, Ayuvedic blend (acacia catechu, ginger, tumeric), herbal extract powder, Organic acai fruit juice powder, Organic apple fruit powder, Organic grape fruit juice powder, Phyoxidase (acacia catechu, green tea, rosemary) herbal extract powder, Omegas Organic black chia whole seed, Prebiotics Organic Jerusalem artichoke root extract powder, Probiotics Organic phyto-biotic fermented blend (mung bean, brown rice, red lentils, chick peas, flaxseed, alfalfa seed, millett and quinoa (<0.05% agave added for fermentation process) Minerals Natural sea mineral complex algae powder, Enzymes Digestive enzyme blend (amylase, protease, lipase, lactase and cellulase) Flavours and exipients Fruit pectin fruit extract powder, Natural vanilla flavour, Stevia leaf extract powder.

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